Married To Jonas

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On this week's episode of Married to Jonas, holes are being dug and crawled out of. Literally.

Starting with Kevin Jonas' promise to throw Dina Deleasa a birthday party, even though he kinda, sorta, maybe forgot to tell his wifey Dani Jonas about it…Whoops!

While he quickly climbs out of that hole, the hubby manages to dig another one—with a tractor—in his backyard and accidentally hits a sprinkler pipe, along with part of an iron gate. Not so easy to get out of that one, is it Kevin?!

Meanwhile, Bucky Deleasa finds himself in a health hole with his family when they realize he hasn't changed his habits after a heart attack just two years earlier.

It forces the family to have an intervention with the patriarch who, while he may have laughed it off, agrees to at least try and make some positive changes.

But will Bucky be able to follow through? Tune in to next week's episode of Married to Jonas at 10/9c to find out!

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