ILC 309

Now that Coco has committed to Peepshow, her time on the East Coast with Ice-T is quickly coming to an end. Normally she would be upset about leaving, but there's no time for that now: there's too much stuff to do!

As this week's episode of Ice Loves Coco begins, Coco pitches a new idea to a somewhat distracted Ice, who is clearly thrilled that the power is back on after the hurricane and he can play video games again. Her big idea: a fundraiser for the dogs that have been separated from their owners due to the storm.

Ice is behind that idea 100% (especially since he doesn't have to do anything), but Coco quickly finds that she might not even have the time.

The reason for Coco's doubt is the rehearsal process for Peepshow, which has Coco going in to New York City every day and learning all of the choreography in about a week. She's late to the first rehearsal, and has trouble picking up the moves despite her confidence in her dance training.

But that must have just been some first-day jitters, because pretty soon Coco is dancing like a pro. She even shows off a move that she made up using her famous splits that the director loves!

Coco even manages to put together her doggie fundraiser while rehearsals are going on, thanks to the help of Soulgee. The party is a big hit, which is great seeing as Coco tasted the dog treats herself. Wouldn't want her to go through that for nothing.

Coco was so busy with all of this that she never even got that much time to worry about leaving. When it finally comes time to pack, Coco realizes that by the time she comes back, they'll probably be in the new house. This is the last time she'll be in this home with Ice.

"I'm really starting another chapter in my life," she says with tears in her eyes. "But I got you," says Ice.

Will going to Vegas end up being the right decision for Coco? Tune in next Sunday for the season finale of Ice Loves Coco at 10/9c, only on E!

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