You can call Coco many things—a TV personality, an entrepreneur, a little outrageous—but one thing you would never expect to call her is shy.

But when E! News caught up with Coco before the big premiere of her new Las Vegas striptease cabaret "Peepshow," she admitted that she was having some hesitation about being topless on stage.

"I'm very, very confident with myself," she admitted, "but it is a little weird when there's thousands of people and you're up with these fabulous dancers who are super fit and tight."

But if you watch the video of Coco rehearsing for the big show, she seems plenty confident. And the reviews say the same: critics who saw the opening performance are noting how Coco had the crowd in the palm of her hand.

Coco's run as Bo Peep in the show (a role she took over from Holly Madison) is going on now, so those who are heading to Vegas can catch her at Planet Hollywood.

You can also catch Coco on an all-new episode of Ice Loves Coco on December 16 at 10/9c, only on E!

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