Coco Cleo

This week, Coco got to fight crime and Little Ice got to see some criminals up close. One of them probably had more fun than the other.

For Little Ice, it all started when Ice-T happened across a story about his son being arrested. Apparently Little Ice had been pulled over for playing loud music, but had an outstanding warrant from a previous speeding violation that landed him in jail. "I gotta lie down," said Ice.

Ice, who is thankful that he never ended up in prison himself, decided that Little Ice needed the "Scared Straight" treatment, and had the perfect opportunity: he was heading to Sing Sing prison to judge a debate with some of the inmate students there.

But Ice knew better than to just drag Little Ice to a prison to teach him a lesson, so first he brought him to see his friend Marco Andretti, grandson of racing legend Mario Andretti. Little Ice was impressed by the accomplishments of the whole family, and Ice-T made it a teachable moment. Even Mario imparted some wisdom: "Nothing worthwhile will come to you without a sacrifice." We're sure he means figurative sacrifices, not Mayan stuff.

That experience, contrasted with meeting inmates at the prison who were incarcerated at around his age, made Little Ice realize that he should be more careful. "I ain't speeding, I ain't jaywalking, I ain't even picking my nose in front of a cop," he promised. Fathering accomplished! Well done, Ice-T. Though clearly hanging out with the Andrettis isn't much of a punishment.

Meanwhile, Coco got some news from Soulgee about a new venture for her: Craig, a comic book artist from Beyond Comics, called and wanted to use her as a model for a new character! Soulgee and Ice pondered what Coco's superhero name would be. Ice came up with "Thunderbutt." I like it, it's evocative.

After completing some sketches of Coco as her new alter ego Cleo, Craig suggested that Coco head to Comic-Con in her costume to do a signing of the book, Gekido. Of course Coco obliged, and managed to connect with a whole new set of fans...and probably plenty of random people in crazy costumes, too.

Coco had one major request for the character: "I want to represent power, a girl that kicks ass." It seems like Craig covered that base pretty well. What wasn't so covered was Coco's butt, as Sheldon went with very little fabric for her costume. But hey, we're talking about a girl who does Thong Thursdays on Twitter.

With the week over, Ice and Coco settled back in at home and passed the time the way they usually do: by trying to use their superpowers on each other. Just another night in.

Now that she's been a superheroine, what will Coco tackle next? Tune in for all-new episodes of Ice Loves Coco Sundays at 10/9c on E! to find out!

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