ILC 305

If you ever had a doubt how much Coco loves her bulldogs, the opening to this episode would put it to rest: Coco gives us a quick crash course on how to tell Spartacus and Maximus apart by their fur, but tells us that she can tell them apart by their breath. That's dedication.

After a quick tour of the house (still under construction), Coco and Ice-T give Marc some big news: he's going to be the project manager for an album by one of Ice's new R&B artists, Zieme. Marc is appropriately excited, even though Ice and Coco told him he couldn't live in their house. You can't blame him for trying though, right?

Ice worries about the decision at first, especially since it means he'll be hands-off. "I'm not used to being away from musical projects," he admits. When he is in the recording room, he's quite the taskmaster...and it seems that it makes Marc a bit nervous.

In fact, when Marc brings Ice the finished mix, he looks about ready to faint as Ice gives it a listen. Fortunately, Ice loves it, and more importantly so does Coco. "You loving it and me loving it is not as important as Coco loving it," Ice wisely tells Marc.

Speaking of Coco, she has her own stuff to deal with while Ice is off making music, and that stuff involves Spartacus' balls. When she brings the pups to doggie day camp, they have to be segregated from the other animals since they're not neutered.

"Segregating our dogs just because they have balls; that's like ballism," Ice complains. Coco isn't happy about the idea of having to neuter Sparty either: "Being a mom, I have a lot of pride in my son's balls," she says.

But Diana gives Coco an idea: there's a product out there called Neuticals, and they're...well, there's no delicate way to put it. They're prosthetic testicles. Coco figures that Sparty could get a pair of Neuticals after the surgery and look just the same, but Ice is less convinced.

Ultimately it's Coco's decision, and she decides to let Spartacus hold on to his balls for now. "He's still young," she points out, and mentions that she wouldn't mind seeing another litter of puppies from him down the line. Ice approves, and Spartacus breathes a sigh of relief.

Tune in next Sunday at 10/9c for another new episode of Ice Loves Coco, mostly likely with less talk about doggy balls. No promises, though.

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