Spartacus and Maximus have a lot to be thankful for over this Thanksgiving weekend: they're living the good life with Ice-T and Coco, and they even got to be models for a calendar recently. But Spartacus might lose something important very soon, according to this Ice Loves Coco preview clip.

In fact, he might lose two very important things.

In the clip, Coco tells Ice all about how Spartacus might have to be neutered in order to hang out with the other dogs at the doggie day care. But Ice wanted to keep Sparty from getting the snip: "His balls are his character," he protests.

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Ice explains that he feels for Spartacus, illustrating how he would feel inside if he lost his own family jewels by way of using a squeaky voice. Show of hands: who wants Ice to do a whole episode in that voice? That would be quality television.

More than that, Ice notes, those other dogs should be happy to get impregnated by Spartacus, since they're "royalty."

Will Ice and Coco give Sparty the snip? Find out this Sunday at 10/9c on an all-new episode of Ice Loves Coco, only on E!

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