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We can now add "semi-professional photographer" to Coco's list of accomplishments, though the title came from simple beginnings. And by "simple beginnings" I mean putting Ice-T's old gold chains on Spartacus and Maximus and taking pictures of them. You would think that with all of the other stuff she has going on, Coco wouldn't have time for doggie photoshoots...but never underestimate Coco's love for the bullies.

As it turns out, Coco's little shutter-happy hobby came in handy this week: Lorette from the bulldog rescue wanted Coco's help with a fundraiser. Coco decided the best thing would be to make a bulldog calendar with Sparty and Max (adorable) and to do a little comedy club show.

Oh, and she volunteered Ice to be the headlining comedian.

But more on Ice's foray into comedy later: let's focus on the puppies. Coco gets a brand new camera and an entire wardrobe for Sparty and Max's photoshoot, and gets to shooting the calendar. "I'm ready to step up my game to professional photographer," she boasts.

Things are rough in the early going, as Sparty and Max seem less than focused. Coco has a tough time getting them to sit still, but eventually she manages to get them in the zone and get them to pose in all kinds of costumes. Ever seen a bulldog in sunglasses? It's a sight to behold.

Meanwhile, Ice is freaking out a bit about his headlining gig. He consults his Law & Order: SVU co-star Richard Belzer, who's an experienced comedian, and Belzer's response to the news is something along the lines of, "Headline? Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa."

But Belzer agrees to coach Ice through this challenge. His advice: Google some dog jokes. Ice is understandably disappointed with that advice, and when Marc suggests that Ice become more "family friendly," he's even more unsure.

When showtime comes around, Ice is visibly shaken; things don't get much better as he watches Belzer and the rest of his comedian friends totally kill it on stage. But Ice comes to a realization before he goes up there. He just has to be himself.

"Ice T does not do family f--kin' friendly," he says. If you heard his Gorilla joke, you can vouch for that.

So, Coco is now a semi-professional photographer, Ice is a semi-professional comedian, and the bulldogs are semi-professional canine supermodels. Everything turned out just fine. Tune in next Sunday for another all-new episode of Ice Loves Coco, only on E!

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