Ice Loves Coco

Ice Loves Coco is back! But things aren't looking too great for Coco right off the top, as she's stressing out about her fashion show.

Coco's Licious line is premiering at New York's Fashion Week, but Coco is in tears backstage before the show. "The models aren't ready," she says, but Ice tries to comfort her.

"This is your first show," he says. "It might be the last," Coco responds. Say it ain't so, Coco! Is this really it for Licious?

Before we find out: rewind! Two weeks earlier, Coco is talking about the upcoming show. She's excited about it, but also understandably nervous; she feels a bit intimidated by the big labels like Gucci and Versace, and feels like people won't take her seriously.

"You always have that bully in school, and someday you want to grow up and you want to show that bully that you became successful," Coco explains. "Well, this is my bully."

The perfect distraction from all that is the house, which is still under construction. Ice gets in a bit of hot water with Coco when he buys a bathtub without consulting her first. "I think the main thing in that bathroom is that you get those toilets that spray your booty," jokes Ice.

But further problems arise when Ice and Coco check out the house: Ice wants a new addition to the garage so he can store all of his cars, but it will add a few more months to the construction time. Coco is upset at first, but after talking to her sister Kristy, she realizes that relationships are about compromise.

So, Coco gets her Coco Cave, and Ice gets his car lifts. Everybody wins!

Finally the night of the big show arrives, but there's trouble right off the bat: when Coco arrives, the venue isn't set up. Then, she has to go do press and red carpet stuff, so she can't do a walk-through with the models.

But Ice is always there for Coco in her time of need. "Boo, it's gonna be okay," he says. "We're a team, so anything you do, I'm a part of, and anything I do, you're a part of, right?" Awwww.

The show goes off without a hitch, and Coco even gets to strut her stuff a bit on stage. "I'm an official fashion designer!" she says with glee. We're pretty sure these two can handle anything together.

So that's settled, but what about the house? Tune in next Sunday, November 4 at 10/9c to find out in another all-new episode of Ice Loves Coco!

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