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Thanks to worldwide headlines and rave reviews, you already know about Coco's clothing line Licious making its runway debut at New York Fashion Week last month. But what else does the ultimate Ice Loves Coco fan need to know about the curvaceous collection?

For starters, let's hear from Licious' biggest cheerleader, the Clyde to Coco's Bonnie, hubby Ice-T It turns out the rapper-turned-E!-star was a motivating factor in making the colorful fashion brand a reality. During a 2011 interview with the Ice schooled us on the inception of Licious:

"…When we first got together fans were always so much into how she dresses.…And I said, ‘Coco, you don't just model your whole life. You model to an end and at some point why not just get off into clothes?' So she had a company that was already giving her free clothes, and she merged with them and she just started designing clothes."


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Ice's husbandly wisdom went a long way and, in May 2011, Licious threw its official launch party at the Grace Hotel in New York City – complete with bottle service and pink cupcakes. Coco and a crew of curvy models, each donning their own shade of pastel form-fitting dress, strutted the red carpet and danced the night away in celebration. That night Coco vowed, "I'm going to turn the world sexy!" She elaborated while speaking with

"…Anyone can wear ‘Licious'. Really ‘Licious' is for the curvy woman because it's spandex; it stretches. So you can feel not just sexy, you can feel comfortable in it."


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The true inspiration for Licious came from Coco having trouble finding the right clothes to match her curves and wanting to help other women with the same dilemma. She told

"….I always had a problem getting my clothes to fit right, I was always getting them tailored so I know what women go through."

May 2011 was also when dropped, an online retail store for all your Licious needs. The site offers a wide variety of clothing for both men and women. They even sell swimwear, workout gear, and accessories!

About a year from its initial announcement the little bootylicious clothing line that could landed at New York Fashion Week, an empowering milestone for Mrs-T. She shared this enthusiasm on her blog:

"Hey guys…. I had my first fashion show for my clothing line "Licious"… I have to say Fashion Week in NYC is hardcore to break through and I did it! I'm an official fashion designer! running with the big boys now"


The runway show was a star studded success complete with cameos from everyone's favorite bulldogs, Spartacus and Maximus! What's next for the Licious line? Tune in to an all new season of Ice Loves Coco premiering October 28 at 10:30/9:30 C to find out!


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