Caitlyn Jenner revealed she has "no idea what the future holds" on Sunday's I Am Cait.

On the episode, Caitlyn discussed gender confirmation surgery with Jenny Boylan and Dr. Marci Bowers, who performs the surgery.

During their meeting, Jenny asked Caitlyn if the surgery would "help" her and Caitlyn responded that it "possibly" would.

Also on the episode, Caitlyn and Kris Jenner sat down and talked about their relationship and her transition. During their conversation, Caitlyn even joked that they should renew their vows!

What else happened on the show? Take a look at the recap to find out!

1. Caitlyn Tells Kris She Changed Her Birth Certificate:

Before Kris leaves New Orleans, she sits down with Caitlyn and they have a talk.

During their talk, Caitlyn tells Kris that she not only changed her name and gender mark on her license, but she also changed her birth certificate.

When Kris hears this she responds, "Wait a second, does this mean that he didn't exist if you change the birth certificate? Wait was I ever married?"

Caitlyn tells Kris, "Yes we did all that. I would like to think of it as that person still lives inside me and today I'm a better person because of it."

Later on in their conversation, Caitlyn tells Kris that "going forward from here I would always want you in my life."

The two appear to have reached a great place in their friendship and Caitlyn even jokes that "maybe at some point we'll renew our vows."

I Am Cait, Jenny Boylan, GIF


2. Caitlyn & Her Squad Are "Ready to Get Dirty":

To celebrate Thanksgiving and their road trip coming to an end, Caitlyn and her squad get together to have some crawfish.

"We're ready to get dirty!" Caitlyn announces when she arrives.

While eating, Caitlyn talks to her squad about her meeting with Kris.

"I had a very nice conversation with her this morning before she left," Caitlyn reveals. "You know I apologized for you know over the last three or four years of our relationship you know that wasn't good and I was just as frustrated in the relationship as she was. It was just a good, let bygones kinda be bygones…I'm glad we got that meeting out of the way."

Caitlyn's squad is very happy she had the conversation with Kris and they tell her "that's great."

After their meal, the squad heads to bar and one bartender tells Jenny, "I'm going to give you a shot and then put my boobs in your face."

And she totally does!

I Am Cait, Jenny Boylan, GIF


I Am Cait 207, Jenny Boylan


3. Jenny & Caitlyn Talk About Gender Confirmation Surgery:

Caitlyn and Jenny are back in LA after the road trip and the two sit down to discuss gender confirmation surgery.

Jenny tells Caitlyn that her friend Dr. Marci Bowers is coming into town, a surgeon who performs gender confirmation surgery.

"Dr. Marci Bowers has been my friend for a dozen years and she is a surgeon who performs SRS or gender confirmation surgery. She's also a trans woman herself," Jenny explains.

Caitlyn tells Jenny that she's "excited" to meet Dr. Bowers but she admits that she feels "a little uncomfortable talking about that issue."

Jenny then talks to Caitlyn about her experience with having the surgery and reveals she's "never regretted having surgery for one day not one hour."

Jenny also reveals that "when it comes to the surgery I know" that Caitlyn is "thinking about it."

"Are you reluctant to learn more about this?" Jenny asks Caitlyn.

"Um…how do I answer that? That to me is really uncomfortable," Caitlyn responds.

I Am Cait 207, Caitlyn Jenner


4. Caitlyn Discusses Gender Confirmation Surgery With a Doctor:

Jenny sets up a meeting with Caitlyn and Dr. Bowers and the trio sits down to talk.

"What do you think is the percentage of the community, of the trans community, that actually goes through final surgery?" Caitlyn asks Dr. Bowers.

"A few years ago I heard it was only 20 percent," Dr. Bowers reveals. "I mean it's expensive, it's about $25,000 out of pocket somebody has to pay."

"It's one of the reasons I had to wait until I was 40," Jenny explains. "Because I just didn't have…I'd been saving money my whole life."

Jenny then asks Caitlyn, "Would surgery help you?"

"Um, possibly yeah possibly," Caitlyn reveals.

She then explains, "I have no idea what the future holds but it is really interesting to talk about this issue with a doctor that's intelligent and obviously been doing this for years. So yeah there's a lot of questions to be answered in my future."

5. Candis Cayne Learns More About the Adoption Process:

Candis Canye is interested in adopting so she meets with an attorney to discuss the next steps. After her meeting, she talks to Caitlyn and Chandi Moore about the challenges she would face if she wants to continue the adoption process.

Watch the video to see Candis talk about adopting!

I Am Cait 207, Scott Disick


6. Scott Reveals the "Dream" Would Be Getting Back Together With Kourtney:

It's almost Christmas, so Caitlyn and Scott decide to pick up a tree. While looking around, Scott and Caitlyn talk about the holidays and Scott's relationship with Kourtney.

"How are you doing with the whole holiday season?" Caitlyn asks Scott.

"It's a little tough I mean obviously without having my parents and anybody on my side of the family and not really knowing if I'm going to spend it with Kourtney and the kids," Scott explains. "But it's a little hard for me because I don't want people to like take pity on me either and they're just inviting me because they know that all my family's dead. You know, I just want people to invite me because they want to, not because they feel bad for me."

Scott then tells Caitlyn, "So it's hard in that way and I'm obviously not drinking or doing drugs so I'm just alone with my thoughts every night and it's tough. It's a very tough feeling feeling isolated. Sometimes I just wanna like…"

"Do you ever see a reconciliation you and Kourt?" Caitlyn asks.

"I mean you know I think that would be like the dream," Scott admits. "End of the day I would love to see us work everything out and be in love again and watch movies together and be intimate and love each other and be best friends. But I also don't wanna just rush into something that doesn't make sense."

After their time together, Scott reveals he sees a "dramatic change" in Caitlyn "emotionally."

Watch the video clip above to see what else Scott said!

I Am Cait 207, Kris Jenner


7. Kris Reveals There Was an Intruder in Her House:

Kris visits Caitlyn's house and tells her and Candis about the intruder that was just in her house.

She reveals, "So I'm at my house, I was sitting in my office on a business call, my grandson is sleeping in his crib, security guards are out front and a guy comes barreling into my office with a backpack, my home office."

"How did he get in the gates?" Caitlyn asks.

"Somebody let him in," Kris explains. "And he says, 'Can I have a hug and a kiss?' And I go, 'I'm on a call.' And he said, 'Oh OK well I'll come back for the hug. I'll be right back I'm gonna go pay my Uber driver.'"

Kris then explains that the intruder walked out the front door and she called 9-11.

She then tells Caitlyn and Candis that when she called 9-11 she told them, "I have an intruder in my house."

"What does he look like?" the 9-11 operator asked.

Kris reveals she was thinking, "What do you mean what the f--k does he look like? Just get somebody over here!"

The man was then arrested and is "in jail right now."

Don't mess with Kris!

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