Scott Disick is dishing on his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian!

On Sunday's episode of I Am Cait, Scott met up with Caitlyn Jenner and her squad in St. Louis to spend some time with them and bond.

During his trip, Scott opened up about his "very tough" breakup with Kourtney and admits he "made a lot of decisions that weren't great."

Scott also revealed to Jenny Boylan whether or not he thinks he can win Kourtney back.

What did Scott say about reconciling with Kourtney?

Take a look at the recap below to find out everything Scott said about Kourtney, learn what he revealed about his kids meeting Caitlyn for the first time, plus see other shocking moments from this episode of I Am Cait!

I Am Cait, Caitlyn Jenner


1. Kourtney Reveals Scott Is ''Sober'' During Phone Conversation With Caitlyn:

Caitlyn and her squad are on the bus on their way to St. Louis when Caitlyn receives a call from Kourtney.

"Guess who called me?" Caitlyn asks Kourtney.

"Who?" Kourtney responds.

"Scott," Caitlyn tells Kourtney. "He kind of reached out, kind of wanted to talk, hang out. So he's supposedly on his way to St. Louis, so he's gonna meet us there tomorrow."

"Oh no way!" a surprised Kourtney says.

"Yeah so I just kinda wanted to check with you," Caitlyn tells her.

Kourtney tells Caitlynr it's "fine" with her and then Caitlyn asks Kourtney about Scott's sobriety.

"I hear he's sober, is that what you hear?" Caitlyn asks.

"Yeah he's been sober, he's been seeing the kids every day," Kourtney tells Caitlyn.

Caitlyn then reveals she hasn't seen Scott "since he got back from rehab."

"You know he's been through a lot," Caitlyn explains. "So I would love for him to be around the girls who have been through so much in their life and have come out so well."

2. Chandi Moore Reveals She's Committed ''Survival Crimes'' During Talk With Caitlyn:

Chandi Moore sits down with Caitlyn to talk about her past and she reveals some very personal secrets.

During her talk with Caitlyn, Chandi admits she committed "white collar crimes" and even "ended up going to prison."

Watch the clip above to see Chandi talk about her past "survival crimes" and how she made it to where she is today.

Later on in the episode, Chandi's mom meets up with Chandi and Caitlyn and reveals that she's "very proud" of Chandi!

Candis Cayne, Scott Disick, I Am Cait


3. Candis Cayne Names Scott an "Honorary Trans Woman":

Scott arrives in St. Louis and heads to a bar with Caitlyn and her squad. While there, Candis Cayne calls Scott over to sit with them.

"We were just talking about wanting you to be in our group," Candis tells Scott. "You're an honorary trans woman."

"I've been here ten minutes," Scott says.

"If you did, we might even let you join our club," actress and producer Van Barnes tells Scott.

"Well now when you say that I'd be open to changing around town," Scott says.

"You would be in training though for like a little while," Van says.

"Well of course," Scott replies. "It's going to be a long journey."

Chandi then says that Scott is "trying to wrap his head around being around all these girls."

Scott then jokes that he's "used to being around a lot of women" but he's "just not used to being asked to become one."

Scott Disick, Jenny Boylan, I Am Cait


4. Scott Recalls the First Time Kids Penelope & Mason Met Caitlyn:

While at the bar, Scott talks to Jenny about his kids Penelope Disick and Mason Disick meeting Caitlyn.

"You said you had some questions about family and stuff," Jenny says to Scott.

"Well yeah I just kinda…I mean I feel like Caitlyn has been so busy running around and traveling and you know bringing awareness that my kids don't really know exactly what's gone on or I don't know if they're old enough," Scott reveals. "You know my daughter who has met her and was totally OK, didn't really I don't think grasp exactly that that was grandpa now it's grandma. My son was a little nervous."

Jenny then tells Scott that "they get the message you send them" and if Scott is "jumpy" while he has the discussion with his kids then they'll pick up on it.

She explains, "I sat down with my children and said, ‘You probably have noticed that I've been looking more like a girl recently and I have this condition where my insides don't match my outsides. I know that might be weird for you but you know I'm always gonna love you.' And I think my son said something like, ‘Well if you're always gonna love me it won't be weird.'"

Jenny then tells Scott that in her experience it's more a big deal "to grownups than it is to kids."

5. Scott Talks About His Split With Kourtney:

While at dinner with Caitlyn and her squad, Scott opens up about his relationship with Kourtney to Jenny.

In the video above, Scott admits that it was a "very tough" split and he "made a lot of decisions that weren't great."

When asked if Scott thinks he can win Kourtney back he says, "Oh I don't know. I have absolutely no control over everybody and anybody else other than myself. And all I can do is just stay in the right path and if things fall into place and they're meant to be, I believe that they will be."

6. Candis Has a Drink With Her Personal Trainer:

Candis wants to exercise and so she meets with Andrew, a personal trainer in Chicago who's "super cute." After their workout session, Candis decides to "take a chance" and invites to him to join her on a walk. The two grab a bite to eat and talk and later on he meets up with Candis and her squad for dinner.

After dinner, Candis and Andrew grab a drink. But when things start to get romantic, Andrew hesitates.

When Candis asks Andrew what he's thinking he replies that the doesn't think he "really could go there just yet."

"On that note, I'm gonna go to bed," Candis tells Andrew and hugs him goodbye.

Later on in the episode, Andrew comes to Candis' room to talk about what happened.

"I just felt like we had you know...something," Candis tells Andrew. "So I don't know I mean and then I just assumed it was 'cause of the trans thing and..."

"It's um...I could say yes, that could be...honestly that's a big issue yes, um but at the same time there's no judgement, there's no anything like that by all means," Andrew tells Candis. "It's just something's just not me."

Candis then reveals she "kinda knew it was the trans thing."

"It's like the tables are stacked against you you know your whole life," Candis explains as she breaks down crying. "It's tough because you never have a break you know? Sometimes you get glimmers of that moment that could be and then most of the time it doesn't happen."

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7. Scott Has a Talk With Caitlyn After it Seems Like She's Been ''Ignoring" Him:

Scott came on the trip to spend time with Caitlyn, but he's mostly been spending time with her squad and it seems like Caitlyn's actually "ignoring" Scott.

When Caitlyn hears that Scott's "thinking about leaving" she meets up with him to talk.

"Well I heard you were thinking about leaving number one and I don't think you should," Caitlyn tells Scott. "We have this ceremony tonight and I think it would be good for you."

"Yeah but again I'm here for you, I'm not here for just your people," Scott replies. "You know what I mean? I've spent more time with them than I have with you."

"I know, but all of these people have a lot in common with you," Caitlyn tells Scott. "I have been isolated my entire life, I never felt like I fit in anywhere. When I finally decided to be true with myself and come out, I surrounded myself with some really great people, all these girls that have so much in common with me. My life changed around immediately and I feel like you're kind of in the same place here. The whole drinking thing and all that kind of stuff, it's's not good and you certainly don't find happiness there."

Scott then reveals, "I used to always think that when I was drunk the real me came out and I always thought the real me was a bad person. And I've realized that you know substances make people something else, it's not really who they are. So I've been able to kind of forgive myself for all the things...and now I'm just focusing on actually being me. I've just been happy for the first time in a long time."

"You gotta make some major changes, but it's all for the good," Caitlyn explains. "I mean I look at my life now, I've never been in a better place in life than I am right now. Better than the games, standing on top of a platform."

"Listen I'm just happy that you're happy and you're finally comfortable," Scott tells Caitlyn. "You know whatever you want to do, I'm there to do with you."

Caitlyn then tells Scott, "I want you to know that I'm there for you too you know. I want to see you live a good life. We'll always have a connection because you're you know the kids' dad."

Caitlyn also reveals that Scott seems to be getting his "act together" which is "progress."

Once they've had their talk, Scott decides to push his flight and attends the Transgender Day of Remembrance with Caitlyn and her squad.

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