It's never too late to find closure! 

Jeannie Mai and her mom Olivia Mai sat down with Tyler Henry on this week's episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. The medium gave the two women a little more insight into Olivia's brother's mysterious death. 

After Tyler looks at the picture they provided, Jeannie's mom gets visibly quiet and Jeannie has to comfort her. "Suddenly I feel sad looking at this picture," Olivia shares with her daughter. 

"I just noticed a shift in my mom's energy and I'm checking in with her like, ‘Why are you so quiet? What's going on?'" Jeannie expresses to Tyler. "She just expressed that as she's looking at this, it's very hard for her to."

Tyler, being the sensitive people-lover that he is, completely understands her hesitation. "I just remember, in the middle of the night, shrill screaming," Jeannie shares about the night her uncle died. "Like absolutely just horrific screaming from my mom. The funeral and the whole process was a really traumatic time."

Even though it has been a while, the emotions are still pretty fresh for Jeannie and her family. "My mom went into a deep depression. Didn't eat, couldn't sleep and was just a zombie. I couldn't connect with her," she shares. "It really has effected the family and he was the heartbeat of the family." 

Luckily for them, Tyler may have some deeper insight into his death. "There is something very odd about the way this happened as far as the passing itself," Tyler shares. "For some reason he's having me acknowledge basically that he does not feel like family would have had the immediate full answer of what happened at the time."

See the shocking moment in the clip above! 

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