Mom always knows best!

Peter Facinelli needed a little help from his mom to decipher what Tyler Henry was saying in this sneak peek clip of Wednesday's episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

Tyler gave the actor a little insight into his family history, but unfortunately, Peter didn't have enough information about his mom's side of the family, so he had to get her on the phone.

"So listen, my friend Tyler can actually reach people who passed away," Peter explained to his mother. "And he had a couple of questions for you about [uncle] Luca. How did he die?"

"He started getting a heart attack at home and then he was stable at the hospital," Peter's mom recalls. "He said, ‘They are going to move me upstairs,' and then when they moved him upstairs he died, because his intestines were blocked."

Peter Facinelli, Hollywood Medium


"He was saying Luca passed away, and he went in for one thing, and then something else happened to him," Peter revealed to his mom."Does one of your sisters have cancer or no?"

"Yes, Carina has cancer of the breast," his mom confirmed. Yet another prediction that Tyler had made was confirmed.

"Wow. That is so crazy, because there is no way he could have known that," Peter shared.  

Watch the clip above to see the surprising phone call!

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