Tyler Henry is uncovering the truth behind two tragic deaths.

In this sneak peek from tonight's all-new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the clairvoyant explains how Brooke Burns' grandparents sadly passed away. "It's like really rough to convey, but there's this placement of responsibility," he says. "One person was involved in the other person passing."

Henry continues, "The exact symbol is kind of a reference to another reading that I gave where unfortunately a man contributed to his passing and his wife's passing, and it's kind of that type of a feeling."

The actress confirms everything he's saying is correct. "Yeah, in reverse," she clarifies. "Not his choice, her choice."

She continues, "My grandfather taught her how to use a gun, and she ended up shooting him and then shooting herself."

Watch Brooke Burns talk about their shocking deaths in the clip above.

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