"I have chills, I have chills on my chills."

Tyler Henry connects Janice Dickinson to her late friend John Belushi on tonight's episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. The actor and comedian passed away in 1982 and now, 35 years later, Tyler is helping Janice reconnect with him. In this clip from the episode, the duo sits down together and Tyler immediately asks Janice to hold on to a piece of fabric that she brought, a scarf.

"I do have to talk about a man that would be coming through who's acknowledging that he would have lived to basically see around middle age," Tyler says. "And he's snapping his fingers at me and when they do that they reference to passing away quickly."

Tyler continues, "This is the kind of guy, that like in life he's just like a big personality. This is not somebody who we would ever anticipate just passing away out of nowhere."

John Belushi, Janice Dickinson, Hollywood Medium

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After hearing this, Janice tells Tyler that he's "dead on" with everything that he's saying.

"So he's having me immediately talk about the circumstances of his passing," Tyler says. "He's showing me cameras and when they do this this usually indicates a reference to a passing or death being very well-known or notable…"

A shocked Janice tells Tyler he's blowing her mind and that John's death was "world news."

Take a look at the clip above to see Tyler connect Janice to John and then watch Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry to see more shocking moments from this reading!

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