Austin Mahone is getting more than he expected.

In this exclusive clip from next Wednesday's brand-new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the "Dirty Work" singer receives a visit from his late father—who died when he was just an infant—during a reading with Tyler Henry.

The session begins with Austin handing Tyler a wristwatch that belonged to a loved one who had a big influence on his life. However, the man that ultimately comes through isn't a person the 20-year-old recognizes.

"There's an energy that comes through, but they acknowledge that they died way too young from their perspective," Tyler explains, while holding the timepiece. "There's a reference on your dad's side. I'm seeing vintage cars, funny enough. I'm seeing cars, working under cars. There's a reference to it, so if someone was known for working on cars."

Austin admits he doesn't know of anyone who would fit that description, but Tyler is certain the information he's sensing is accurate. "I just see dad over here and you over here, so I see you and your dad being separated basically in the way that this comes through," Tyler continues. "This is kind of strange. To what extent has dad been a part of your work?"

Austin reveals his dad hasn't been involved with his career at all. Tyler then follows up by asking where Austin's dad is living. It is then that Austin discloses to Tyler that his dad has passed away, much to Tyler's surprise.

"If you don't mind me asking, what did your dad pass of?" Tyler asks him.

"He killed himself," Austin replies, before Tyler expresses his apologies.

Watch the emotional moment in the clip above.

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