Listen up skeptics because Tyler Henry is about to blow your freaking mind!

Over five months ago, the Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry star sat down for a reading with #RichKids of Beverly Hills star Morgan Stewart. During their emotional session, Tyler picked up on a small issue with Morgan's wedding to Brendan Fitzpatrick.

"There's a reference to a location change," Tyler said during the session. "How far have you planned the wedding?" 

"Oh my god, I need a drink!" Morgan reacted. "Yeah, I'm pretty far in. Is there going to be a location change?"

"It's not a huge one, it's a minor technicality, but it is a change," Tyler assured her. "It does involve like where exactly it happens. It's not bad, it's not a huge change like we have to move, but there's like a little bit of a shift in where we do it. Like do the actual ceremony…I'm picking up a bit of a shift, and I promise it's not bad."

"Not like an inconvenient shift?" Morgan asked, to which he responded, "No, it's just a shift. It just happens."

"Am I going to lose my mind?" she asked. "Not at all, you're going to be completely fine…That looks like it results perfectly fine," he assured.

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Ready to have your mind blown, because just yesterday Tyler's premonition about the location change came true!

On Thursday Morgan had to make a tiny location change at her wedding venue due to possible rain this weekend. "Ummmm @tyhenrymedium can we just discuss how right you were with your prediction of a slight location change at my wedding?!" Morgan tweeted with an umbrella and rain emoji.

Have chills yet? 

If you don't believe us, watch the video above to see Tyler's prediction about Morgan's wedding.

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