Lala Kent has been waiting to meet Tyler Henry for a while now.  

In this clip from Thursday's new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the Vanderpump Rules star begins their conversation with an emotional mix of gratitude and relief.

"Today is something that I've been looking forward to and very much needed," Lala tells Tyler before the reading starts. In a confessional interview a little later, she explains that it's only been a few months since she's suffered a very significant loss. "It makes me angry that I don't have him anymore," she says, wiping away tears. "I just need to feel a connection."

Luckily, Tyler is there to help. Per the spirits' request, the 23-year-old clairvoyant picks up a watch that's been sitting beside Lala for the duration of their chat up to this point.

"They're bringing me to a discussion about the very end of someone's life. And they're bringing me in the context of this man that I feel like I have to bring up," he says, adding that he was clearly "really connected" to this watch in particular. Continuing, Tyler tells Lala there's a message for her. "When this comes through, he basically just kind of acknowledges he wasn't able to say everything he wanted to say to the people he wanted to say it to," he finishes.

Lala doesn't give anything away as to the specifics of this man's identity until afterwards. But when Tyler asks if she has an idea of who he might be communicating with, the reality star is quick to reply.

"Yeah, my dad," she says.

See the emotional moment play out in the clip above. And find out how many kids Tyler foresees for Lala too!

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