Messages they needed to hear.

On Thursday's all-new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, clairvoyant Tyler Henry met with several notable names to share wise-words from the other side. For starters, the lovable medium sat down with Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel.

Despite being "very excited" to meet Tyler, Howie had considered canceling as he wasn't sure he was ready for the "mental roller coaster" that was a reading with the Hollywood medium. At first, Howie had some skepticism about Tyler's abilities, but those doubts were washed away when the 23-year-old connected with a paternal individual who wanted to talk about their "ability to breathe."

"This is amazing because my father passed in 1989—so it's like 28, 29 years ago—of lung cancer," Howie confessed to Tyler.

As Tyler continued the reading, he informed Mandel that the other side wanted someone to know it was "okay" that they were taking a step back from Judaism.

"You are so right on," the comedian expressed. "My connection to my father, beyond father-son love, was the time we got to spend one-on-one time in Judaism."

Apparently, Howie was unable to observe the "highest Jewish holiday" due to work and felt incredibly guilty about that. Furthermore, Tyler was able to tune in to some unknown specifics about the funeral.

According to Howie, several unplanned dramas occurred while his family sat shiva. Firstly, one man showed up to the wrong memorial service and then another mourner pooped mid-conversation with Howie.

"As he runs out, I think that he drops a candy or something…and he just kept running," Mandel explained to Tyler. "And so I picked up the candy to try to get him, but he had gone."

Unfortunately, the item dropped "wasn't a candy," rather it was human feces.

"The worst day of my life—it was laugh after laugh after ridiculous laugh," the America's Got Talent judge noted. "These are not stories that I have shared publicly."

"Juice" singer Lizzo experienced a similar revelation during a sit down with Tyler. Even though Lizzo was ready for Tyler to give her a "message from the universe," she became emotional when the medium connected to her late father.

According to Tyler, Lizzo's dad has been actively involved in her career even from beyond the grave.

"He wanted me to be successful and he'd be like, 'You're gonna sing and you're gonna play the flute,'" Lizzo informed Tyler. "I was like, 'But I don't know how to sing!' And he's like, 'You're gonna sing anyways.'"

Although Lizzo's father died in his 50s, the multi-talented singer noted that the paternal support is "actually still happening."

The "Good as Hell" artist was further moved when Tyler touched on how she learned of her father's passing.

"I was the last to know," the 30-year-old expressed. "I missed the phone call—it was very jarring."

After seeing she had several missed calls, Lizzo called her sister, who in turn yelled that "Dad's dead."

Understandably, per Tyler, the spirit felt terrible that this moment was Lizzo's "introduction to grief."

"I was not expecting to need to hear that," an emotional Lizzo admitted. "The trauma in that small moment has affected me in so many ways. I just feel such a release right now knowing that he knew that that was going on and that it's a part of my experience with his death."

For other important messages from the other side, be sure to take a look at the recap video above!

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