Cara Delevingne

Mike Marsland/Getty Images

It's no mystery that Cara Delevingne is the current wild child of the supermodel scene. We like to think of her as a Kate Moss 2.0 with bolder eye brows.

But we're not sure that even the original Calvin Klein girl would have stepped out in a dress like this Burberry Prorsum design...and we use the term "dress" very loosely.

The British beauty is wearing a piece of lace with arm holes and mouth jewelry. When did that become a thing?

Gorgeous as the navy lace may be, this look belongs in the bedroom. The granny panties and booties detract from the sexy factor and we're not so sure about that silver belt.

But we could probably forgive the whole bizarre fashion moment if not for whatever that is dangling from her mouth. Is it a lip necklace, a mouth earring, or just a giant mistake? We vote option number three...

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