Nicki Minaj


Does the world need Nicki Minaj? Absolutely! The "Bang Bang" singer is a force of nature who is changing the face of rap as we know it. Every tune she writes is a hit. Every brand she supports is a success. She spews confidence from extension tip to neon-painted toe. 

But does the world need this teeny-tiny, Barbie-colored "bathing suit" costume on Nicki Minaj? We're not so sure...

Nicki Minaj


Leave it to the "Super Bass" singer to rock the world's most daring music video costume (and yes we are including Britney Spears "Slave For You" live snake prop in that mix). The only thing standing between her body and the cool breeze is a tiny sliver of fabric. One wrong move and those double D's will be as exposed as her double buns. But does Nicki give a flying booty? No. Do we? Still not sure.

Much as we want to commend the "Anaconda" singer for boldly going where no artist has gone before, it feels like this moment is missing 1980's Arnold Schwarzenegger and crazy teased bangs. Also, that thing has got to hurt. For that reason alone we say make it stop. What's your take?

Tune-in to an all-new episode of Fashion Police this Friday at 9/8c on E!

Nicki Minaj Pink G-String
What's your take on Nicki's bubble gum pink panty set?
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