Jared Leto

Rob Kim/Getty Images

We're starting to get a little worried about Jared Leto.

Don't get us wrong, the Dallas Buyers Club star is still smokin' hot with perfect tresses and a beard that must make the cast of Duck Dynasty crazy jealous, but his clothing choices are starting to be a little "lives in a shed in the woods." Although chances are each piece cost the 30 Second to Mars frontman more than a thousand acres of land in those woods!

The pants and boots work just fine but the plaid shirt and Grandpa sweater are slightly off. Bold colors on a man are always appreciated, but this is '90s style Bill Cosby (no offense, Bill).

We could get behind the cardigan with a black T-shirt or the plaid shirt with a solid cardigan, but combined it's a bit of a turn-off. And given the man wearing it, that's saying a lot.

Tune-in to an all new Fashion Police this Friday, 9/8c on E!

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