Rita Ora


We're concerned about Rita Ora. The "R.I.P." singer seems to be suffering from a rare fashion illness that we've seen only a few times before (cough, Heidi Klum, cough). One day she's killing it in a red carpet stunner and the next she's bombing big time in something like this bold-colored mess.

Is this an angel and devil on the closet shelf situation or does the Brit pop star truly have that much, shall we say, "range" to her tastes?

One day it's a sexy LBD and then next it's a dress made out of six stiff bandanas. We've seen Rita shift from a money bag covered pair of pajamas (worn outside the bedroom) to a killer fuschia cocktail dress in a matter of one week!

Now that she's a single lady once again, this style lover needs to draw some style lines. Here's hoping they're on the right side of the divide...

Tune-in to an all-new Fashion Police this Friday at 9/8c on E!

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