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We've been waiting our entire style-obsessed lives for this moment. In the history of the epic popularity contest between clothing lovers Beyoncé and Rihanna, the two divas have never, ever worn the exact same outfit!

There have been Fashion Face-Offs up and downsame color, same cut, same designerbut this marks the first full-on style steal. And to make matters even crazier, it's Mrs. Jay-Z's fault!

It is almost one year to the day that the "We On" singer rocked this Frame Denim skirt and matching top with bedazzled Chanel details, so did the "XO" singer wait to pounce at the perfect moment? Or is this just an honest error?

Here's the problem with this battle: they both look perfect. Sure, the Diamonds World Tour headliner went with a leather hat vs. the On the Run co-showstopper's beachy curls, but both beauties are having fun with seriously stylish sunnies and both look flawless.

So do we award the win to Beyoncé for boldly going where she's never gone before? Or should RiRi take it for being the official first wearer? We're going Bey on this one. She needs all the lovin' she can with so many crazy rumors swirling. What's your take?

Tune-in to an all new Fashion Police this Friday, 9/8c on E!

Beyoncé vs. Rihanna
Who looks best in her denim on denim combo?
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