Lena Dunham


Every time we feel hopeful about Lena Dunham's fashion taste, she shows up wearing something like this crazy combo. On the one hand, we give the Girls star/writer/creator/producer credit for always following her heart when it comes to her style. On the other hand, this is just a God-awful outfit!

The crazy colors, the awkward fit, the mismatched slouchy shoulder bagwhy do we feel like our wild Auntie owns the exact same look?

Can't the HBO star take some fashion advice from her co-actress Allison Williams? The soon-to-be Peter Pan lead always looks perfectly put together. We're not saying that Lena needs to be a carbon copy of any actress out there; it's her originality that makes her so great after all, but there's a difference between an original and a mess...and sadly, this situation falls into the second category.

Next time we recommend a more flattering fit in a less busy pattern with a bag to match. But if dressing like this makes Lena feel like Lena, and Lena feeling like Lena leads to genius episodes of Girls, we suppose we'll let it slide.

Tune-in to an all new Fashion Police this Friday, 9/8c on E!

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