Olivia Newton John, Grease, Cara Delevingne


We immediately broke into a hand jive the moment we saw Cara Delevingne in this get-up. It was like a natural body reflex.

Among the long list of iconic film fashion moments, Olivia Newton-John's killer black disco pant combo sits way up top. One scene before she was a Goody Two-Shoes in a powder blue dress, then Rizzo took her shopping and she ended up in skintight pants smoking a cigarette.

So who is the Rizzo in Cara's life? Or did she just get through her first screening of the classic '70s flick?

We're too obsessed with both looks to call for a Fashion Face-Off, but we'll confess that "Bad Sandy" might still reign supreme.

Her tucked, off-the-shoulder shirt is somehow sexier than the British beauty's cropped top option. It might be that waist-cinching gold belt that brings it all together...or the lipstick red sandals...or the fact that the image of Olivia surprising a wow-ed John Travolta is burned into our minds for lifebut we prefer the original to an homage.

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