Zoe Saldana

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We're all in agreement that it looks like there's a giant, white thong stuck to the front of Zoe Saldana's skirt, right? Yes it's sort of cut and unfurled into that long strip of fabric, but the effect is the sameQuailman coutureand as far as we're concerned, Doug Funnie is the only celebrity who can get away with it.

What were the fine folks over at Louis Vuitton thinking?! They took a perfectly lovely floral dress and ran a streak of wite-out down the front!

Though, to be honest we're not in love with the rest of the look either. Yes the sheer top is sexy but the drab color combo brings the whole tone down. The Rosemary's Baby actress is starring in a summer blockbuster premiering in sunny LA! Why is she dressed for Fall Fashion Week in chilly NYC?

It's an overall fail in our fashion book. What's your take?

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Zoe Saldana's Skirt Thong
What's your take on the celeb's over-the-top underwear
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