Rita Ora


"Here's lookin' at you, Rita Ora," is what keeps running through our head as we look at the typically edgy British pop star in this vintage Hollywood glam.

Maybe the "I Will Never Let You Down" singer has decided to dress like all the famous Ritas in the past? This scarf-covered look appears to be in honor of '30s siren Rita Hayworth. So what's next, a big-haired '90s look for Rita Wilson?

In that case, here's hoping this is an actual Style 180 and not a first names homage...

This vintage black midi isn't the first time we've seen the wild child in a sophisticated cut, and we hope it's not the last. Every time the "R.I.P." singer steps out in something so classic, we realize what a versatile beauty she can be.

The blonde locks and Jackie O. sunglasses certainly help this style, and rocker-inspired booties make it decidedly modern. Or maybe it's just that any star's wattage is instantly given a boost thanks to a well-slung head scarf? In that case, we have some digging through grandma's closet to do.

Tune-in to an all new Fashion Police tonight at 9/8c on E!

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