Mireille Enos

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

In case you were wondering, Mireille Enos is very proud of her pregnant body.

Not only is she still doing press for The Killing on what appears to be the exact day she gives birth, but this soon-to-be-mom is wearing what has got to be the most baby bump hugging look we've ever seen.

There is a band under the belly for added pop effect!

The rest of the look is equally showy. We have a strapless top that highlights the World War Z star's baby-enhanced boobs and a color that would stand out regardless of that bump (and could it be a sign of what's inside?).

But is the look flattering? We can't decide. On the one hand losing that below-the-belly band would make the gown flow much more naturally.  But on the other, if you're going to carry a baby for nine plus months, why not make sure it's very clear what that takes.

Thank you for the education Mireille!

Tune-in to an all-new Fashion Police this Friday at 9/8c on E!

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