Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

There' s no denying that Shakira's World Cup fashion made a major statement. That thing flipped around like a third period player after a totally dramatic flop.

But what exactly would you call the Charbel Zoe creation? On the one hand we could see this fire red costume slaying on the catwalk of a RuPaul's Drag Race episode, but if Cinna had a little magic kerosene, he could turn those fabric tears into a serious Jennifer Lawrence moment.

The piece has all the qualities that make it perfect for both those scenarios and the former Voice judge's main stage moment. It's full of drama, just like a true queen and Hunger Games scene. The color says, look here! as both Ru and Effie always advise. And it's showing a whole lot of skin, which applies to an en femme persona and what happens after Katniss has been fighting for her life on some jungle set.

So it seems like the moral of the story is that Hunger Games tributes and drag queens are pretty much the same. We're grateful to Shakira for helping us arrive at that very important conclusion.

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