Lady Gaga


We'd like to say we've seen stranger ways to show your political support, but we haven't. Leave it to Lady Gaga to be the first celeb to campaign by clothing.

Yes it's a long way from 2016, but considering we've never seen the "Do What U Want" singer in fashions fit for a session on Capital Hill, we can only assume she's tossing a subtle suit in the ring for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton, Diane Sawyer

ABC/ Martin H. Simon

The boxy jacket and slouchy pants are just what the former Secretary of State wears to 99.9% of the functions she attends. No, she's never opted for a metallic fabric paired with Jackie O. sunglasses, and we can't recall her walking an adorable french bull dog down the meet-and-greet line, but there's time to work all those genius moves into the campaign.

Regarding this style on the Mother Monster, we're not in love. It's way too boring for the typical edgy dresser. Unless she's she's the one running for Prez in 2016?? That's a campaign we can get behind.

Tune-in to an all-new Fashion Police this Friday at 9/8c on E!

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