Olivia Wilde

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

Some style combos make so little sense that they somehow end up working. We're just not sure Olivia Wilde's crazy patterned pieces qualify...

We can't decide if she looks like a Harry Potter fan girl in her Sunday best (the maroon and gold stripes are uncanny) or a picnic bound beauty who forgot her real top (and threw on her Harry Potter shirt). And yet, something about the Stella McCartney look is incredibly eye-grabbing.

The deep blue florals on the bottom contrast the more fall feel of the shades on this new mom's shirt. Same goes for the shape of the top and bottom. The fitted t-shirt style is perfect against the flowy handkerchief skirt. And we would wear that wide nautical belt with every look we own, all summer long if we were the Drinking Buddies star.

So maybe it's just crazy enough to work? Or maybe we're just blinded by the beauty wearing it? Either way we say "yay." What's your take?

Olivia Wilde's Stripes
What's your say on Olivia Wilde's stripes?
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