Rita Ora

Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Take-Two

Looks like Rita Ora forgot to stand in front of a full-length mirror before stepping out in this Jaime Lee creation. If she had, she would have noticed what our eye caught immediately: her family jewels.

Yes, they appear to be protected by a cream bodysuit, and a thin layer of feathers covers what could be a major wardrobe malfunction, but at the end of the day, we make out the entire outline of the "How We Do" singer's hoo-ha!

But crotch shot aside, this style is a little too Downton Abbey on a Pride Parade float for our tastes. The high neck and dropped waist aren't flattering on this gorgeous Brit, and the feather placement against all that lace is just plain strange. Yes, the vintage white fabric is absolutely gorgeous, but it isn't being put to very good use.

Then again, we should probably just be grateful that there's anything covering this edgy dresser's down-there at all and call it a day...

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