Lupita Nyong'o, CFDA

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

We thought this day would never come, but that if it didif somehow Lupita Nyong'o swung and missed style-wiseit would never be this bad. We stand corrected.

There are no two ways around it: fashion's fastest rising star has fallen flat on her face in a two piece look from Suno that reminds us of something a Lost Boy might wear in a weird production of Peter Pan. For fear of being too harsh on this bold and beautiful Academy Award-winner, we will say that some of the colors on this getup are super cool and her overall glam is impeccable.

But there is nothing redeeming about the rest of the look. The stripes are dizzying, the fabric is too shiny and we could do without the yachting feel of it all. While we are intrigued by the delicate scooped neckline, we hope we never see a pair of this long shorts again in our lives. They look like board shorts a skater boi made from three separate pair of board shorts.

Love you though we do, Lupita, we have to call this hot mess what it is, your very first major fashion fail. But don't worry, you'll bounce right back. They always do.

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