Mariah Carey

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

In case you weren't aware, Mariah Carey's got some serious curves. You've probably seen them on the cover of her new album, Me. I Am Mariah or on the cover of her old album, #1's or on the cover of the album before that... Though if those slipped by you, you probably caught them in any one of the outfits she's worn on every single red carpet for the past two decades!

And yet here's Mrs. Nick Cannon giving us all just one more chance to take a look at her famous ta-ta's. You've got to give the girl credit for consistent messaging.

Unfortunately, the other fact that this diva communicates clear as day is that she's never met a drama-filled dress she didn't love. Don't get us wrong, we love us some "Dreamlover," but behind that five octave range has always been a Vegas showgirl taste. Sometimes that comes in the form of a sexy mini we fully support. Sometimes it comes in the form of an ice blue, ill-fitting "gown" that looks like it came from the sale section of a Strawberry.

We're sorry Mimi. We love your curves almost as much as you clearly do, but sometimes you just take it a tad too far. "It" being your boobs and "too far" being outside of the fabric.

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