Emily Blunt

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

We know it's a bold call, but we stand behind it: Emily Blunt has absolutely, positively never looked better. And that's saying a lot because it's equally possible that this British beauty has absolutely, positively never looked bad!

But whomever is behind this red hot Prada choice should make all the closet calls in Mrs. John Krasinski's life moving forward. Not only is this carefully constructed column perfection, but it defines the actress's look in a way she can adjust from event to event.

We'd define that signature style as edgy elegance with a twist. The edge, in this case comes from that pop of color. One cannot wear a red that red without a whole lot of confidence. The elegance is obviously the cut. The team at Prada knows how to do slinky without a single area that's too tight. And finally, the twist, that razor sharp modified sweetheart neckline.

So after all that gushing, we just have one question: when is Emily's next film coming out so we can gush some more?

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