Lady Gaga

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We get it. Even a Disney diva needs a break from all the pomp and circumstance of life in a giant ball gown. There's the walking...the sitting...the going to the bathroom (or not, in this frock). But here's an idea, Lady Gaga, trade the tons of tulle for a comfy pair of leggings and call it a day!

Or are you still trying to make sure that handsome hunk who has your other slipper can spot you in a crowd?

We're not sure what inspired this "Princess in the Pea Coat" couture, but we do know a real royal would be wearing a slip. We can't see the "Applause" singer's underpants, but we can see every inch of her fit stems.

To be honest, it's not the blazer that makes this look so awkward. It's the fact that it's brown paper lunch bag colored. A chic black jacket or crisp white coat would be gorgeous and original, just like the Mother Monster herself. Then again, it wouldn't be nearly as odd, which seems to be the primary focus of her fashions.

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