Rita Ora


Word to the wise, Rita Ora, when breaking the law, it's best to be as least memorable as possible. Imagine the police report from the scene of whatever crime the "I Will Never Let You Down" singer is about to commit:

Cop: Can you describe the perp?

Eye-witness: Yes, she was wearing a full-body dinosaur costume and a hot pink unicorn ski mask.

Though there might be some smart strategy to the British beauty's look. If we saw her coming in this crazy attire, we'd do absolutely anything she commanded.

Chances are this bank robber from a futuristic sci-fi film costume is just Rita being Rita. Remember this is the woman who wore a shower curtain as a skirt not long ago. Today she seems to be inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, New York City graffiti from the '80s and Vail Ski Season Barbie. Though there's also a little NBA basketball player (the hot sneaks) and our Dad from the '90s (giant jacket) thrown into the mix.

Bottom line, no self-respecting bank manager would let the edgy dresser get away with some Bonnie and Clyde action in this look. They'd probably recognize her the moment she walked in and ask for a selfie instead. 

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