Lady Gaga, Strange Glasses; Ringo, PacificCoastNews; Jun Sato/WireImage

We knew Lady Gaga had a thing for seven inch heels, insane wigs, dressing like non-existence cartoon characters and adding chunks of skin onto her body, but this eyewear thing is a new-fangled fashion obsession!

Apparently the "Dope" singer already covered every other couture option, leaving nothing but eye covers to exploit.

What started with a simple Yoko Ono impression, morphed into vintage magnifying glasses and/or a piece of junkyard trash. Next up are the Madame Butterfly and Mickey Mouse impressions, followed by what we're calling the Sun God goggles. But the most impressive piece of all has got to be the rotatary phone spectacles. Though anyone born in the '80s knows they're technically red Viewfinder vision pieces.

Click the images below and pick your favorite from all the insane eyewear that Gaga has rocked over the years!

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