Blake Lively

Albert Michael/

We're not exactly sure why Blake Lively is dressed like a little girl, but we're even less sure why any tot would have such an OTT dress front. Pureed peas would ruin all that intricate beading, and forget what kind of damage a handful of spaghetti could do.

Bibs should be made of washable plastic or super cheap cotton, not beads secured by the house of Gucci on top of pale silk fabric, that's no doubt dry clean only.

Frankly, we're not sure we're into this fashion statement, minus the baby bib front. The sky shade is lovely against this blonde bombshell's skin, but that teeny tiny collar isn't doing anything for the rest of the design, and we'd prefer the skirt and sleeves a whole lot shorter.

This feels like something Serena van der Woodsen would wear to brunch at the Four Seasons, but since the Gossip Girl character is a figment of a wild fashion imagination, we can't support it on a real, live human.

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