Kate Upton, Met Gala, Chiquita Banana

Courtesy: Joe Schildhorn/BFAnyc/Sipa USA; Chiquita Banana

It's a sad, sad day for bananas...and Kate Upton.

We cannot come up with a single explanation as to why the Sports Illustrated cover girl would wear this gawdy, antique memorial service style to the Met Gala. Not only does she look like the world famous fruit basket carrier, but the Chiquita chica is technically out-dressing her! All that black is far more miserable than the ocean blue and citrus yellow version.

We're major fans of the blonde bombshell, so we're going to attempt to find a few complimentary things to say about this Dolce & Gabbana couture.

1. The lace is nice. We wish there were far less of it, of course, but it appears to be of the finest quality.

2. That skirt is interesting. It's connected to the bodice in a super strange way, but the fan bottom is lovely on its own.

3. No one else is wearing it? That's typically a plus, but we're not so sure it applies in this case.

Who knows, maybe the banana lobby will go after Kate with an ad campaign offer (in a very different colored-dress) as a result of this move? Or maybe they'll deliver her a cease and desist for potential damages to the Chiquita name...

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