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We can't figure out if Rihanna mistakenly thought she was being original by wearing her hair in sectioned-off knots or she meant it as a tribute to legendary alternative artist Björk. Either way, hair knots matched with a metallic green lip just screams "bad Halloween."

We get that Rihanna is trying to be shocking. Mission accomplished. We're shocked. But our shock stems from this walking identity crisis of a lookis she trying to be Björk? An Alien? Goth? Futuristic? It's like we want to shake her shoulders and say, "Pick a look!"

Rihanna, iHeartRadio Music Awards

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Beauty Bailout:  We're all for Rihanna trying to up the shock factor but she should at least try a hair look that hasn't been done a million times. Björk may have been the originator of this trend, but everyone from Gwen Stefani to Miley Cyrus has sported the hair knots.

We hate to say it but we feel like it's time for Rihanna to re-evaluate her hair team. This isn't the first time RiRi has been a victim of bad hair. Remember when she wrapped her hair around her forehead and secured it with bejeweled bobby pins? Yeah, not pretty.

And as for the metallic green lipstick? Perhaps if Rihanna had worn her hair in a more flattering style we could have forgiven it, but the costumey lipstick clashed big time with the hair knots.

Not to mention that we suspect the green lip was a temporary lip tattoo that wore off in patches as the night progressed. No bueno. We would have loved to see her in a vampy red or even a shiny black lip. She needs to lose those temporary lip tattoos pronto.

We wish Rihanna would understand there is no rule that says shock value has to be unflattering. Look at Lorde! She can pull off black lipstick and black dipped fingers and still look gorgeous. Anyone else miss the RiRi days of an edgy pixie or choppy bob? At this point we would even take some bad extensions...

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