Vanessa Hudgens


The whole concept of a celeb being a Hot Mess implies that it's a rare occurence. They're typically put together. We rarely see them with a hair out of place.

So giving Vanessa Hudgens that status because she stepped out looking like a gypsy from the '80s headed from the gym to a drum circle isn't exactly fair. It's not that the Spring Breakers star is always a fashion disaster, but we're not exactly surprised to see her in this crazy combo.

Why are we less than shocked? Three reasons:

1. Vanessa Hudgens is obsessed with giant sweatpants. She rocks them on errands around L.A. and to every session at the gym. We assume the roomy feel is a welcome change from her mini-skirts on the red carpet. That or they're all stolen from the boys she adores.

2. Vanessa Hudgens has never met a boho accessory she didn't love. Today it's moccasin boots, tomorrow it will be a floral crown, and the next day, funky prayer beads.

3. Vanessa Hudgens is a child of the '90s. That only explains the massive pony tail, but it's a pretty major part of the look.

So in the end she's not exactly a hot mess. She's just a funky fashion lover expressing herself in five different ways with one look! Oh wait... Isn't that what hot mess means?

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