Katy Perry, Food Outfits

Getty Images

Every pop star has their "thing." For Michael Jackson it was the glove, for Lady Gaga it's the complete and utter insanity and for Katy Perry it's food-themed costumes, apparently.

We know that the "Roar" singer loves a cheeky on-stage style, but our research indicates that she's reached full-on obsession status. 

There was the sushi-covered onesie, the Hersey Kiss cone bra, a mini-dress covered in cookies, and a giant McDonald's Happy Meal sweatshirt. And that's just half of the list!

We're obviously curious (and mildly concerned) about why the "Teenage Dream" singer is so into food as fashion, but we're even more interested in knowing how she gets these made! Is there a Willy Wonka of the ready-to-wear world? And if so, can we please, please, please get a Golden Ticket to his workshop??

Click the images below to see all her food-themed fashion!

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