We're not saying Rihanna never looks classy or chic, but it's not her go-to look. Edgy, unique, and see-through are the two words we'd use to better describe this fashion bad girl's style.

And yet today, she's dressed for a spring time brunch for Roc Nation Sports 1 Year Anniversary luncheon at TAO Downtown. Given the cropped top, you know she's headed downtown versus the Upper East Side, but this is the "Stay" singer we're talking about. She could be in a dress covered in marijuana leaves, again!

From our view, two elements make this bright teal suit a standout:

1. That color! It's like robin's egg meets the crystal waters of the Bahamas, and it pops perfectly against the skin of Drake's main squeeze.

2. The scalloped detailing! That slight rounded edge on the bottom of the shirt takes this from totally sexy to sweet.

Of course delicate white sandals and flowing locks aren't hurting the final product. Here's hoping this is the summer of Rihanna's Style 180! Or at the very least, the month.

—Reporting by Sara Kitnick

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