Hayden Panettiere


We cannot make sense of this look on Hayden Panettiere.

First, did she grab that blouse out of granny's resort collection closet? Not only is the pattern way too stuffy for a 20-something, but the fully-bottoned styling is as conservative as it gets.

Then there are those silk mini shorts. We love them as the bottom part of a springy PJ set, but as actual clothing, they're slightly off.

And finally, the tights...

Unless TV's country bad girl plans to work on her triple lutzes after taking in fiancé Wladimir Klitschko's match, those leg covers have got to go! They make the petite star's gams look like they're covered in three inches of shellac! We know she's supporting her tall, dark and handsome beau in Germany, but these tights can't possibly be a European trend. And if they are, we're begging for them to stay within those borders.

Word to the wise Hayden: most ring-side style involves a sexy mini cocktail dress and giant fur stole. You'll need to get the hang of that as the wife of a heavyweight champion.

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