Beyonce, Jay Z

Robin Harper

We have some bad news for all of you who live your life attempting to be as much like Beyoncé as possible (so, any intelligent human, male or female). Queen Bey has stepped out in a brand new trend, and it's, shall we say, not for the booty self-consious.

Maybe you missed it at first glance (or maybe you couldn't believe your eyes), but those are the "XO" singer's underthings taking up way more territory than her actual shorts!

We see what Queen Bey was trying to do with the tied shirt around the waist thing, but it's not covering much. We still spy a whole lotta sheer black fabric in the shape of underwear and very little white denim in the shape of shorts. The denim Daisy Dukes trend has been hot for a few summers running now, but if the hot months of 2014 are now going to feature front thong shorts, we're all in trouble.

This may be one of those moments where it's best to bow down to the celeb and retire the fashion move immediately. That, or it's time to kick it up ten notches on the inner thigh workouts...

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