Jaime King

Donato Sardella/Getty Images

Please, please please don't tell us the Mayflower gang is having a fashion moment. Jaime King's bib-front Valentino dress is making us feel like we're watching a scene out of Zoolander 2! If "Derelict" was hobo gear gone fancy, what does that make this puritan people mess?

The fact that we can't come up with a clever name is probably a good sign that this red carpet Halloween costume is not here to stay.

Perhaps if John Smith were in the crowd he'd find something sexy about the Hart of Dixie star's style, but we're coming up short. The LBD is just a boring, long-sleeved look, and the shoes follow suit. Though it would take a fashion miracle to erase the effects of that ridiculous white clown-collar.

Somebody needs to get Pocahontas up in here to school Jaime on the current boho chic trends. Until then, this is definitely a "make it stop!" in our book. Agree or disagree?

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What's your take on Jaime's pilgrim look?
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