Solange Knowles

Donato Sardella/Getty Images

Okay. Stay with us on this one. Does it not look like Solange Knowles put on that bright orange jacket with the intention of it serving as a dress then had to come up with a quick solution the moment she felt a draft up her you-know-where?

We can't call this a true malfunction since the "Bad Girls" singer came up with a clever fix, but there's no way that scarf in the shape of a skirt was planned! It looks like the wrap we make when we don't want to walk around the beach in our bikini!

We can see how the Coachella performer thought this tangerine dream jacket by Acne Studios might have just enough length to serve as a full-on look. A few more inches, and it would make a gorgeous modern suit dress, even if it is a bit Dynasty-inspired. So whether it was the designer or the diva who thought up that matching fabric solution, we say bravo. The family jewels are protected, the color palette is intact, and the whole combo has a boardroom-to-the-Bahamas effect.

That's what we call making fashion lemonade, or in this case, OJ.

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