Kristen Stewart

Butterworth/Splash News

We usually sound the Hot Mess! alarm when a celeb has totally lost their fashion mind, but in the case of Kristen Stewart this is actually a compliment.

The On the Road star looks like she just crawled out of the den she shares with a dozen other stoner friends en route to cure the group's collective 1998. We should technically applaud the costume designers on KStew's American Ultra set for creating this beautiful disaster, but "Bella" wears it very well.

This slouchy combo may be a better wardrobe choice than anything out of Half-Baked, Pineapple Express, and every documentary about the Seattle music scene around the time of Nirvana! The cable knit sweater is quintessential post-college burn-out gear, and a giant flannel button-down makes it even more convincing. Work boots and a farm girl skirt are total Pacific Northwest staples. While we'd call green the grunge-devotee's hair color of choice, orange is equally offensive to moms across America.

Here's hoping this style doesn't set in on the fashion-forward starlet post shoot. Though if it comes down to it, we'd prefer she'd keep the costumes and ditch the hair.

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